Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Vince McMahon Scared

“Vince McMahon is terrified of letting anyone go to TNA, which is why there has been tremendous heat on guys like Carlito for interviews that they've done and few are ever fired (though Carlito is doing jobs left and right, and Orton is almost certainly doing the job Sunday).”

Why in the world is the WWE scared of losing Randy Orton? He has failed to produce compelling matches with even the best of veterans. Remember the title reign he had? Not even Benoit and HHH could carry Orton into a decent match. He’s good as a tag team specialist with Edge, but that’s only because Edge is stellar at this point.

Orton might generate some major heel heat, but not enough to warrant all the attention he gets. He’s basically untouchable. Destroy a hotel room, and what now? You have to lose at the PPV? There was no way he was going to win anyways.


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