Sunday, April 8, 2007

WWE Smackdown Review 4/6/07 Undertaker buries King Booker!

Smackdown after Wrestlemania should have been promoted more, but who cares, it delivered the best action I've seen in a long time.

Matt Hardy def. King Booker

Stemming from the the money in the bank ladder match, Hardy and Booker fought a hard battle for the Queen's honor. Hardy is so over with the fans at this point, it's ridiculous. I couldn't believe how over he is now, and he went over Booker with some major classic moves, and the fans ate it up. I ate it up too, even though I love King Booker, Hardy picks up the win! V.1 is back!

Mr. Kennedy def. Jeff Hardy

Mr. Kennedy, the winner of the money in the bank ladder match, beat Jeff hardy with an impressive arsenal of reversals. It was some fun times in the match, which made Hardy look strong, but Kennedy one step ahead!

Post match, Finlay wants revenge for Wrestlemania's match, and set up a match for next week:

Finlay & Little Bastard vs. Mr. Kennedy

Kennedy is such a strong performer, I can't wait to see him take the Title to new levels.

United States Champion Chris Benoit def. The Miz (Non-title)

The Miz took a major beating. This was the hardest fought match of Miz's career and he paid for it. Benoit was killing him, and then MVP rescued the Miz for the win. That's right, Miz wins over Benoit, although not with out taking some heavy punishment.

MVP vs. Benoit will be featured soon.

Kane def. Dave Taylor

This was Kane squashing dave Taylor. That's it...boring.

WWE Tag Team Champions Paul London & Brian Kendrick def. Gregory Helms & Cruiserweight Champion Chavo Guerrero (Non-title)

This was a good match, and the Greasers were watching in the aisle. The tag champs pulled out another victory, but next week they have to fight Duece & Domino, we'll see how they do against them.

Undertaker came out to say something and Batista comes out to say that He wants a rematch. Afterwards King Booker attacks, and gets a tombstone on the announcers table for his trouble.

King Booker is going to be gone for 6 months or so.....

Undertaker buries King Booker.

Overall this edition of Smackdown was great. The matches were so well booked, that even my wife was cheering! This Monday we'll have to see if Raw can match it.

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