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WWE Raw Review 4/23/07 HBK Cleanly Beats Cena, But Non-Title! WTF?

Raw rolled into London, England and apparently was a big hit!

Raw opened up with Shane McMahon and was talking about the Intercontinental Championship match from last weeks raw. The match featured a new guy, Santino, winning the match after major interference from Bobby Lashley.

A recap is shown, which is dumb. I didn’t miss Raw last week, they are recapping the lame folks that missed it, and showing me what I already saw.

Shane McMahon taunts the crowd stating that he wants a No Holds Barred Match with anyone in the crowd.

Robby something or other comes down the aisle as Liverpool’s toughest brawler, and the match begins. This of course has squash written all over it, as Shane puts some simple moves on Robby, but Robby seems to have a few counters up his sleeve. McMahon gains the upper hand in this short lived match, and goes to his patented across the ring-trash can leap from the far side of the ring. Robby of course is out cold, and that seems to be the end of Robby Liverpool.

Then we get an announcement: Umaga comes out to pick up the pieces of what Shane left off with Robby. Umaga basically puts the boots (or lack there of) to Robby, and therefore causing unnecessary pain.

Then Vince McMahon comes out for even more punishment. Which is just overkill at this point.

My problem with this is great. Why are they allowing some no name guy to get beat up by these two? This proves nothing. This only goes to show that the three idiots can beat up some random jobber.

The error in thinking of course is that this is the 1980’s and to build up a character you need to job out a ton of no name guys before the big pay per view event. This had disaster written all over it, and the crowd was crying B.S. I for one am tired of these squashes. Robby gets beat, and that proves nothing about Shane McMahon and Umaga.

The only saving grace in this whole thing is the sheer fact that Alejandro Estrada is out there, keeping the tradition of a manager alive. Other than that, this was pointless, and proved nothing about the guys that will face Bobby Lashley, who of course is NOT some jobber.

Tomorrow on ECW: Umaga vs. Bobby Lashley one on one, and you know this will end up in a dq or something along those lines. We’ll see what goes down tomorrow night on sci-fi.

We’re shown a promo from Wrestlemania 23, preluding the main event for Raw being a rematch. (we’re later going to find out that we’ve been lied to)

Trevor Murdoch def. Matt Hardy

Murdoch is the worst wrestler on the Raw roster. He’s got the charisma of a dead fish, and his partner reminds me of JBL. The Hardy’s should be getting better competition from any team that was not headlining WWE Heat for 2 years running. They should be wrestling top notch guys, not Murdoch and Cade, who are idiots in my view. I have yet to see anything good from those two, so unless they put on the match of the year at Backlash, I am not really going to give them credit. The match goes back and forth, and finally sees Murdoch pick up the pin. The match was one sided, and the offensive comeback was thwarted, giving the pin to the heel.

Women's Champion Melina def. Maria (non-title)

Another non-title match, which featured two women that do not know how to wrestle, making this a throwaway match at the very best, proving my point that the Women’s title is nothing more than a piece of eye candy, second only to the diva wearing it at the time. Horrible timing, bad match, why did I even watch it?

The Great Khali def. Carlito

The burial of Carlito continued on Raw again. The WWE must have no confidence in Carlito because he has been on a major downward spiral. His debut marked his championship, then he was wrestling Jeff hardy for the Intercontinental belt, and now he’s jobbing to Khali! This is so lame. Someone please help the WWE writers.

All night they were promoting the rematch from Wrestlemania and then when it comes down to the main event, we find out that it is NON TITLE! This is betrayal, and I feel that the WWE has lied to us, and don’t deliver a good thing. A non title match is NOT a rematch!

Shawn Michaels def. WWE Champion John Cena (non-title)

The match was good, and featured some back and forth action and your basic near falls and maneuvers that you come to expect from these two. Then seemingly out of nowhere the super kick flattens Cena and HBK wins cleanly! That’s right a straight pin after the superkick! This is NON TITLE of course so it only proves that the match up is uneven. This match did not make me feel like the WWE did their part after promoting the rematch heavily. The match itself was ok at best, and was your standard HBK bout, and your standard Cena bout. I was majorly disappointed.

Overall, WWE Raw was horrible. I can not believe they shove this stuff to the viewers. The long time fans could not have been happy with this edition of raw. I wanted my money back, but I forgot, I didn’t pay for it.

Although there were some bright spots, the overall show was horrible. Smackdown does way better at this point. Someone please call WWE and have them hire some worthwhile writers.

Oh and thanks to wwe.com for this note:

Although other matches were scheduled for the night, including a contest pitting Edge against Randy Orton, the length of the main event left no room for other battles.

Oh and thanks to me for this note:

Although other matches were scheduled for the night, the opening segment sucked the life out of us, and we couldn't go through with the rest afterwards.


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