Saturday, April 21, 2007

Smackdown Review 4/20/07 Kennedy Rules Undertaker Loses

Batista def. Finlay (Disqualification)
I do not think Batista is that great of a wrestler. I do not believe that Finlay deserves the cards that he has been dealt, but seeing an aging Finlay wrestle Batista is quite the little treat. The match went back and forth and then ended in a disqualification. Boring ending, but it was interesting none the less.

World Heavyweight Champion Undertaker def. Mr. Kennedy (Disqualification)
Undertaker did not have the world title on the line, so this match was pointless to me. The match went nowhere but any momentum the Undertaker could have had was stolen by opportune foes. Kennedy still has the charisma of a “Rock” or “Austin” but he needs to get over more, maybe a win over the deadman will do the trick.

World Tag Team Champions The Hardys & United States Champion Chris Benoit def. Cruiserweight Champion Chavo Guerrero, Gregory Helms & MVP
This seemed out of place, but the champions got the better of the Cruiserweights and MVP. This match was entertaining, fast and reliable, the faces hit all their spots the heels played up the attitudes and then lost in an array of ring clearance. Pretty standard affair.

Kane def. William Regal & Dave Taylor in Handicap Match (Countout)
Another throwaway match for Regal & Taylor, and another borefest for yours truly. Why are they wasting Kane like this?

Deuce & Domino def. WWE Tag Team Champions Paul London & Brian Kendrick - New WWE Tag Team Champions
The Tag Champs looked out of place in this one, but were doing quite well. It appeared that Deuce & Domino did their homework and this time they scored the pinfall marking a changing of the guards for the new tag-team champions. One of which is the son of Jimmy Superfly Snuka. Guess who though?

Overall Smackdown was lackluster and did not match up to Raw, but it had enough action to keep me watching. The overall use of tag-team matches was way too much for my tastes, but it was something worth seeing as they are gearing up for Backlash.


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