Saturday, April 28, 2007

WWE Smackdown Review 4/27/07 No Dq Match, MVP Scared

Kane/The Boogeyman defeated William Regal/Dave Taylor

Like I predicted, this match was not as good as any match with these guys could have been. Kane was involved in the match for the most part, and then gets the hot tag to Boogey who gets the pin with his “Boogey-Slam”. I’m coining that name, so do not steal it, please. No worms! The Boogeyman gimmick might be gaining ground because he’s finally winning matches, and well he’s teaming with Kane. The match could have been better, but it was what it was.

Deuce defeated Brian Kendrick

Brian Kendrick fought an uphill battle on this one, and then hit his finishing move! Sliced Bread #2 (I don’t know who names these things) but he falls shorts thanks to a little interference.

This match proved to be nothing special, and just a major waste of my time. I hate when they separate tag teams.

MVp vs. Jobber #1

This was dumb. I couldn’t believe how bad this match was. It wasn’t even a match.

After the squash, Chris Benoit joins in and mops up MVP only to have MVP run away like an idiot. This did not further the fued, but I like that MVP left early since the title was not on the line. Smart guy or coward? We will find out on the PPV.

Jillian Hall defeated Michelle McCool

This was definitely the bathroom match. These chicks can not fight. Excuse me, I mean these girls can not fight. I hate when they have women wrestlers and they do not know how to do the moves. It bored me to death.

No Dq Match: Undertaker & Batista vs. Mr. Kennedy & Finlay

This match was suppose to be the main event and since no titles were on the line, I did really feel it would further anything, but it was quite interesting to say the least. It was a standard tag team match, and no one screwed anyone over. I love Kennedy’s psychology, working over body parts, but of course he must cheat as the briefcase came into play for a moment, but overall he’s a great up and coming star. Someone give him the the title already! The match ended with Batista scoring the pin.

Overall Smackdown was ok. It was better than raw, and I was more interested in the story lines than I was Raw. I am glad they did not promise a title match then recant which means a lot to me.

Another Smackdown win!


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