Friday, May 18, 2007

Bad News For WWE Fans: RVD Fired

Stupid WWE Fired Rob Van Dam. They sent him home according to many sources online and that's a shame.

RVD is a fan favorite, he gets butts into the seats and people love to see him come out and fly across the ring.

I do not want him in TNA I do not want him to feud with AJ Styles, I want him back in the WWE on the main roster and not on some second rate ECW show!

This is the worst news to come out of the WWE camp in a long time, and this is why the show is taking a turn for the worse.

If I were the WWE I would really consider what I'm doing in regards to programming, because they are slowly killing all my favorite older guys.

This guy could still go.

Oh and they fired Sabu too, and they are looking to fire Sandman.

How in the world is Stevie Richards still there?

It baffles me completely.


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