Thursday, May 3, 2007

RVD Maybe Gone So With Sabu and Sandman No More ECW?

"One of the ramifications of RVD leaving is how it may affect Sabu and Sandman, who both have a lot of backstage heat on them from WWE management"

Apparently there is something big happening here. If RVD does in fact not sign with the WWE at the end of his contract. Sandman and Sabu maybe gone too. Not that they have done a whole lot lately, but they are going to be thrown out with the rest of the ECW has beens.

Don't get me wrong, I loved ECW and I still think there is a glimmer of hope, but these guys are beyond their prime. They can not uphold their schedule, nor the interest that the fans have in their novelty. It would be nice to just have them lose a loser leaves town match and then have them show up at TNA as a faction and start taking over. The ECW invasion would be huge!

Question is, does RVD own his name? Does Sandman and Sabu own their names? That would be weird to call them anything else. Or maybe they don't even need an introduction?

I'm not sure what the whoe thing would turn into, but I believe that things are going good for the ECW boys right this second.

This summer will see a change in the line up, and i wonder if Vinnie Mac will continue to do what he is dong now.


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