Thursday, May 17, 2007

Y2J Chris Jericho Rumor Killer

Someone out there reported that Y2J was given an official draft of a new contract in light of recent injuries. However, that is not true.

That's right. Chris Jericho is a great wrestler, and unfortunately lost a "loser leaves wwe" match with John Cena and has not been seen or heard from since in the wrestling world.

Without Kennedy,Undertaker, and Orton being dumb, can the WWE afford not to sign up the biggest free agent in the world of wrestling?

Where else will he go?

TNA is an option, but have you seen their programming lately?

It leaves a lot to be desired and I'm wondering why people put up with the doldrums that is the undermining of talent.

AAA? Mexico? WSX?

All three options are a no go. Jericho is a high profile wrestler and as such deserves a high rate of payment.

As much as I would like to see Y2J return, I doubt he's going to make it back.

But here's another rumor that you may or may not have heard yet: THE WWE are eyeballing a return of Y2J for Summerslam.

But there is also talks of HHH coming back, so will a y2j return ruin that? Maybe.

Time will tell.


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