Monday, May 21, 2007

WWE Proves Cena is Better than Kane & Undertaker

In a historic night for the WWE, John Cena defeated the Great Khali by making him submit. That's right, he made the Great Khali submit!

I would be impressed somewhat, but I'm not.


Because by having John Cena submit the monster, he's being held in higher regard than The Undertaker and Kane among others that have not been able to defeat Khali in the past. I agree that Khali should not own the WWE championship, however I do not agree that Cena in any way can defeat Khali cleanly. This match should have set up a rematch in which falls count anywhere and there was no DQ. That way Cena would have to basically use a foreign object to defeat the guy. Instead he uses his roladex of maneuvers to try and beat the monster, and eventually wears him down and wins!

This isn't Hulk Hogan vs. Andre The Giant, this is just mediocre on the behalf of the WWE. I do not like the ending, but am still glad that it happened.


Because I'm hoping that we can move onto a new Cena feud.

Other notes from last night included the Hardys once again beating Cade and Murdoch, Carlito losing to Ric Flair (surprise surprise) the burial of Chris Benoit because WWE doesn't like that he can't talk on the mic, and Edge squeaking by Batista.

Judgment day was barely passable as a whole.


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  1. nice blog, cena is better than other superstars.



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