Saturday, May 12, 2007

Edge Walks Across The Line

Edge has picked up a big victory to win the World title from Undertaker in an easy match after Mark Henry mopped him up.

The new announcement though is even better. Batista will face edge at Judgment Day for the world title, and that's something that has never happened.

However, can Batista beat Edge? Can Edge beat Batista?

This is so exciting that I want to upgrade my cable. A match we have yet to see on ppv, or wwe raw!

Not only that, The WWE has announced that next week on Raw Ozzy will be playing his new single!

I'm looking forward to see if Edge shows up on Raw for a few segments, or if he'll want that match with John Cena to prove he's now a champion.

What about a Champion vs. Champion match?

The future looks good.

Sorry about no smackdown review, the yankees were in town and the mariners won.


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