Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Lashley proves ECW Sucks, WWE Fires Sabu Outright

Bobby Lashley took on three members of the new breed and won! This proves my point that I made yesterday in regards to the WWE burying ECW and whoever wrestles in that brand.

This made the ECW guys look extremely week, and unfocused.

The best part of the match, however, was "The Pounce" by The Alpha Male which was incredible. He hit lashley and threw him all the way to the outside with that move.

Other than that, the whole match was sloppy and proved nothing for the former ECW champion.

In other news: Sabu was fired yesterday. Great huh? No more Sabu, no more RVD in a few months, and I'm sure no more Sandman either.

A legacy is once again kicked in the pants.

This is a sad day for ECW


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