Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Nwa-Tna Completely Fake, Really Fake!

"It should also be noted that sparks were supposed to shoot up off the cage when someone was "electrocuted", but that didn't end up happening. Instead, the lights flashed and the wrestlers involved were told to shake violently as if they were being electrocuted."

TNA-NWA has showed that they are worse than the WWE. This is a snippet from Wrestling and they are talking about how the electric cage match from their last ppv was really not working out well.

So instead of telling the ppv audience that there was something wrong with the set up, they started to add sounds of electricity over the sound system, then they told the wrestlers to shake violently!


This is hilarious to me, because not only is it fake, they want it to look faker! This is so lame, and I can not believe that TNA wants to be #2 or gain viewers with this. I’m surprised all the time by professional wrestling, but this is beyond simple surprises.

They are completely losing me, but then again, I’m a wrestling fan none-the-less.

I wish it wasn’t so cheesy though.


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