Thursday, May 31, 2007

Saturday Nights Main Event Preview & Gripes

WWE Champion John Cena vs. The Great Khali (non-title)

This is dumb. Khali is going to mop up like crazy. I do not like that this fact. I do not enjoy the greatness that is found in fooling the television audience in believing that Khali has a legitimate chance of winning the world title at the ECW ppv this weekend.

I guess things could be worse but expect this match to prove that Khali is insane and won’t win on Sunday because he’ll probably win here.

World Champion Edge & U.S. Champion MVP vs. Batista & Chris Benoit

A tag team match? Not again. MVP is a horrible wrestler, Chris Benoit is a horrible talker, Edge slept with Lita, and Batista took too much steroids.
This match has potential.

Fit Finlay & Hornswoggle vs. Boogeyman & Little Boogey

We saw this match already! Why does WWE keep feeding us these lame matches that have already happened!

Kane, Eugene & Doink The Clown vs. Kevin Thorn, Viscera & Umaga

They have got to be kidding. Tell me they didn’t just book that?

ECW Champion Vince McMahon vs. Bobby Lashley in an arm wrestling match

Vince is Jacked. I have the issue of muscle & fitness where he’s completely jacked. Lashley might be more jacked though. I want to see who wins this one.

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