Monday, May 14, 2007

McMahon Dvd Review

The WWE presents McMahon, a dvd about Vince McMahon, the owner of the World Wrestling Entertainment brand.

The dvd is presented in documentary style talking about McMahon’s childhood, and then progressing into how he got into the professional wrestling business.

This is not a top notch documentary, as it is very quick in overlaying the foundations of who the person really is and moves towards the more entertaining qualities that make professional wrestling tangible in today’s market.

From childhood to trying his hand at his father’s business, the documentary goes from one spectrum to the other meanwhile stopping along the way to interview wrestlers, family members and business partners about the man and the character that the home audience gets to see on television.

Mixed in with those interviews and the early onset of how the business took off, we get to see clips of WWE television that contrast the opinions of the wrestlers and McMahon himself.

The more entertaining moments in the film deal with Mr. McMahon’s home life, which is something that the average wrestling fan does not get to see everyday. So in regards to that, it is a very good dvd.

It doesn’t always portray Mr. McMahon in a positive life. It also talks about the other dealings that he’s had with the media, and failures like the XFL disaster.

Overall this dvd is meant for the WWE fans to get more of a picture of the owner and wrestler that they view on television. However, the casual fan can appreciate the whole thing as a great piece of entertainment, but may find it a little lengthy. It clocks in over 2 hours, but well worth it.

If you’re a fan, or just curious, this is a good starting point or carry over on Vince McMahon, and is a good dvd to watch, if you’re interested.


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