Monday, May 14, 2007

New Format & Style

Just so that you guys know, and any readers that are finding this site for the first time.

I am not going to be doing raw reviews and posts in the same manner. I am going to assume that you’ve already seen Raw and therefore am going to be skipping some key parts in the retelling because you’ve already seen it once, you do not need me to retell it.

I will be griping and/or praising the product in any way I see fit.

Also, I will be looking at more news worthy things as I adhere to the blog format, rather than the news format.

This is not a news site, it’s a blog, so therefore I’m going to try and treat this page more like that than I would normally do.

So enjoy the new formatting and more yelling and screaming from me…the Mexican (sir Jorge)

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