Tuesday, May 15, 2007

WWE Hates ECW Or Hates Lashley

Tonight on ECW, there will be a handicap match. Not just any Handicap match, we're talking about a match that will feature Bobby Lashley wrestling 3 of the ECW new breed!

This can only have one of two results as outlined below:

1) Lashley beats the crap out of all three of the guys and wins the match. This of course proves that ECW's wrestlers are second class athletes and are inferior to the former ECW champion and shouldn't even be in the same ring. If 3 guys can not take care of Lashley, then there's no credibility left in themselves.

2) Lashley gets pummeled into oblivion proving that three guys would tear up even the most ferocious of monsters. (Except maybe Khali or Umaga (as illustrated on raw) whic his dumb of course) Lashley losing proves that he's human, and proves that the ECW guys are worth while opponents to anyone when they are a united team.

There is a wild card in general that might have CM Punk come out and cost the new Breed the match, and makes some sense, but we'll have to wait and see what the WWE does with it tonight.


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