Wednesday, May 30, 2007

John Cena vs. Ron Killings (Street Brawl)

WWE Heavyweight Champion John Cena and TNA star Ron Killings had a real life confrontation Monday morning at around 7 AM Eastern at the Charlotte Douglas International Airport in Charlotte, NC.

Cena, who was leaving town to get to the RAW taping in Canada, saw Killings (who lives in Charlotte and was on his way to Orlando for the iMPACT! tapings) and approached him over some issues from their past. Apparently Cena was upset with Killings for making negative comments about him in some TNA promos.

src - Wrestling Inc.

Wow, two wrestlers about to just battle it out live in the Airport was thwarted because...well..I don't know. I would have loved to see these two start brawling it out right then and there, and have someone recording it.

I saw Cena would have some good shots in, because Killings is rehabbing a knee injury right now. Think about the immense trouble that Cena would be in for fighting in an airport, and better yet, think of the aftermath if he loses!

I know wrestling is a major work, but come on, this would be a great scene no matter what side of the fan fence you're on.

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