Friday, July 13, 2007

Does Kane Deserve A Title Shot?

....hefeels fans would love to see him chase Edge for the World Title. The feud will probably continue for a few months.

src - Wrestling Inc.

No. I do not believe that Kane deserves a shot at the title. He was on a losing trend for a while and he's washed up in my view. He's not really a monster anymore, and he's got the speed of a slow large guy. He's not as agile as say...Abyss for instance.

Kane has exhibited some good matches in the past, when someone was carrying him, but now? I don't believe that he's that good. He's slow, he has like 6 power moves and that's it.

I never liked Kane.

Besides being slow, he's got a horrible gimmick. Kane is Undertakers brother, and well...hasn't had a good match since he was teaming with Undertaker and they were just manhandling people in the ring.

Edge is good, but is he good enough to carry Kane through a title match?

Only time will tell.

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