Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Wrestling and My Personal Economics

On a side note before I begin another entry on this huge sponsored post day. I'm sorry about that, but I have to Hustle to make ends meet, and well...writing gets the bills paid. So here's another post...for all 3 of you readers out there.

The economics of wrestling is odd to me. Especially now that I'm married and have to weigh the options of staying up to watch wrestling or to sleep.

Here's a few examples of what's in my way:

1) My wife works at starbucks at 4:45 A.M daily. I drive her to work. I start at 9 am. I have 7 blogs to write. Raw comes on at 9 and ends at 11 at night. ECW is on at 10pm. I still have to wake up at 4 am. No I don't have Tivo. It costs 12 dollars more to get it on my cable, and it's already at 81 dollars a month. (hence the hustling on this site to try and make ends meet)

2) PPV's used to cost 20 dollars! They were cheap and easily digestible. Not to mention they had some great matches. One such match was Undertaker vs. Stone Cold at Cold Day In Hell In Your House, as well as King of the Ring 97' where Austin wrestles Michaels and they beat the hell out of a ton of referees.

3) Smackdown is taped. So by the time it airs live, I already have read the spoilers. So my fridays are all off.

4) The cost of being a fan. This year alone I spent 400 dollars on tickets. That's right, 2 tickets to No Way Out, on ebay because the event sold out before I could get tickets.

So there is a little bit on the economics of wrestling and myself.

These posts are getting to be more frequen, I know, but bare with me...Like I said..HUSTLE.

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