Wednesday, July 11, 2007

WWE 24/7 The Monday Night Wars Review

On WWE 24/7 they have a program running where they show WWE Raw & Nitro back to back! That’s about 5 hours of wrestling, but they shorten it, because they don’t show the commercials, which on Nitro was A TON!

The only major matches that were featured, in a good light were:

Dean Malenko vs. Eddie Guerrero (Us Title Match)

This was a classic and the two have so much chemistry together, too bad Syxx ruined the match with a run in and causing a count out! Of all things…thanks Syxx.

Rey Mysterio Jr. vs. Lord Steven Regal

Wow! What a match up. Regal really deflated Mysterio’s high flying attack working on the right arm for most of the match, but around the 9 minute mark Rey Mysterio was poised to win the match and the T.V Title, but fell short in the closing moments when the time ran out! That’s right, there was a time limit draw! Wow! The match was great though.

The Outsiders vs. Extreme

This was a squash match, but what a great one! The Outsiders had such charisma man, it was so good, and to set up their match at Superbrawl VII and insult their future opponents: The Giant & Lex Luger they did the finishing maneuvers of their rivals! It was great. Hall gave one member of the other team a stiff chokeslam that I’m sure knocked the wind out of the poor sap.

That’s about all that was good from the WCW 97’ Nitro.

The WWE Raw show didn’t have anything that I remember. It featured the “I lost my smile” speech, and that’s about all I can recall from the event.

No wonder Nitro was winning the war.

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