Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Dead Diva, Dead Mexican,Dead Sandman,Dead Raw

As my title suggests, I found some major dead spots on raw last night. I couldn't believe it, but some of the best action and best moments were received with little to no fan reaction.

First and foremost, Super Crazy got worked by Kennedy. That reverse Suplex was insane. Super Crazy is just that, and Kennedy proves he's a master technician by not hurting the other guy in this very dangerous move.

The Divas match was highlighted by a sick move by Melina. A guillotine like leg drop from a standing position into the splits into a cover! I was impressed by that one, but the match was a little stiff for my tastes. But that wasn't the major thing I noticed, the main focus for me was when the Women's Champion Candice Michelle came out, the crowd was dead. Maybe one or two claps, mainly from Jerry Lawler. Why would the WWE put in a diva that no one likes? Heck, Melina gets more attention and she's not even a Face! WWE needs to get the belt onto a diva that gets crowd reaction as a champion. Candice can't even wrestle! I think the divas look good at times, but can't wrestle. Well, Victoria can, and I'd love to get some Victoria lovin...but I'm a fat mexican in Seattle and well...I hear she doesn't like fat mexican stalkers, so I stay away.

Cody Rhodes had the most impressive altitude in his Missile Dropkick, that even my wife noticed that he wasn't the average wrestler. First off, he's not built like a truck, he's not 7 feet tall, and yet he's allowed to perform such a "high risk" maneuver. Amazing! This photo tells it all, and wow, I was so impressed that I was actually cheering for the guy. Randy Orton ruined it for me, but it was nice to see a change of pace for a change. I hope Dusty Rhodes knocks the snot out of Orton at the Bash. If Dusty goes down, I'm going to be very upset.

In another post where I say someone is too old. (except Flair) The Sandman is Old. Too Old! Look how he flails around like a drunk....nevermind. Carlito seemed to be taking some liberties, and some of the shots and moves seemed very forced and shoot style. Sandman was really getting a beating, then Regal came in and showed he still had fight left in him because he was unloading on Sandman as if he just insulted his mother! Hacksaw Jim Duggan saves the day with his 2 x 4 which is probably going to prompt a match at the Great American Bash. I told my wife that I thought the match should be a 2 x 4 & Kendo Stick on a pole match. Or a sticks vs. brass knuckles match up. Carlito could spit apples, Regal could knock someone out, the kendo stick and 2 x 4 could be weapons, and it would probably be more extreme than tuesday nights.

Face vs. Face time again, and John Cena is going to get my vote of confidence. However, I could see that being derailed by a DQ finish setting up Summerslam's no dq, fatal fourway, or some gimmick match to end the summer. We'll have to wait and see.

A dead crowd...raw wasn't too great, but had some nice spots. I enjoyed it.

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