Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Once Again Tommy Dreamer Should Quit

Last Night ECW went live on Sci-Fi and I was hoping for a good one. The overall quality has improved for the show, and I'm genuinely excited about Big Vis getting into the fray with the Boogeyman. You can't scare Big Vis, and well...I'm scared of the guy with some insane tattoo's. They should cover him up again though.

Striker is funny.

In regards to The Main even though, I am still saying that Tommy Dreamer should quit while he's ahead. Seriously, the guy is not as good as he used to be, and even in the promo video for him it's all shots of him from the old ECW not the new.

Case in point, the finish of the match. Think about it: A drop toe hold onto a chair! Raven did that to Tommy so much back in the day, and he would kick out and seek revenge! Here he just folds into a worthless piece of crap. He totally jobbed for an ailing Nitro.

Oh and don't get me started on the job Big Stevie Cool did for Punk.

Ecw was upsetting, but quality ratio has gone up this time.

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