Thursday, July 19, 2007

Mero Makes Himself Look Stupid

So many people are making a big deal about steroids in wrestling. Before the death of Chris Benoit NOBODY CARED! No one covered the deaths of Owen Hart,Brian Pillman,Johnny Grunge,The Renegade,Dino Bravo,Earthquake,The Von Erichs,Junkyard Dog,Hercules Hernandez (if he's dead),Rick Rude,Miss Elizabeth, and a plethora of other wrestlers that have died. Yes, I know it's tragic, yes I know steroids are in wrestling, but until sports and the media in general start calling wrestling a "sport" they have no right to step in and say anything. Furthermore, all these washed up stars coming back to talk about it is stupid. Mero,Graham and others are NOT experts, they have not been in the WWE recently and are not subject to the tests that the current generation of wrestlers are going through. Someone please tell them to shut up, and lets move on already. Hear I go supporting the talk. Crap...I'm an idiot.

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