Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Tommy Dreamer Should Quit #3

After watching ECW for three weeks straight, I am getting tired of proving my point.

Three weeks in a row and Tommy Dreamer does the job in horrible fashion. He fought Kevin Thorn last night into a horrible loss. Who loses to a shoulder to the ring post? Seriously! Is this 1970? What's up with that finish? Then afterwards he gets beat down some more.

He's doing the job to everyone these days.

He's too old. He needs to seriously quit. Remember when I talked about this in post #1? My points are still valid. Post #2 wasn't doing so hot, but still proved a valuable point.

Now this match against Thorn proves that Dreamer just can't hack it anymore. At least lose to the finisher, not a missed move into the post for a pin. Someone save Dreamer from further humiliation.

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