Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Ecw Low Ratings

No matter what ECW does, it still pulls in low ratings. Why is that?

Here are my two main reasons:

1) Paul Heyman is not associated with it at all. Not only does he not run things, the production and wrestling just is lame. While ECW had storylines, they never made it seem hokey or weird. They made it seem that the wrestlers, even if rivals, really were into it. They made it seem that feuds were real and the tension was high.

2) The wrestling is censored. There are few tables, few thumbtacks, few chairs, few everything! There's no saving grace in calling ECW "extreme" at all. The only extreme thing about it is how extremely far away from the original product it is.

So while Vinnie Mac nurses another wound from his steroids ghost, ECW maintains low ratings.

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