Tuesday, July 24, 2007

WWE Hates Carlito Now....Tag Teams Suck...Cena is a god

Raw was just bad last night. With a moment of amazing detail.....but first things first...

Does the WWE hate Carlito? Remember when Carlito first joined WWE? He won the U.S title straight out, defeating JOHN CENA the unbeatable god of Raw. Even Carlito's mini feud with Cena was good, and introduced a new character that supposedly stabbed Cena! That was kind of cool. Now fast forward through midcard hell to not even a blirb to wrestling with Ric "I'm Old" Flair and now where is he? Sure he beat the Sandman and his team beat down a cancer survivor in Jim Duggan, but then what happens? He gets demolished by Lashley for spitting in his face. While I thought the segment was funny, the WWE blew a potentially good feud by having Lashley trash him within seconds. Regal's expression was worth while though.

I caught Cade yelling out "We're the Tag Team Champions!"..wow...really? I didn't know that you were one of the champs, considering you were introduced as the champions, and you're holding the belts high in the air. I thought you were faking it...obviously you're a champion...in a match called "match of champions". I knew from the start that Candice was going to run away and leave SUPER Cena to take the match to new heights. Hardy's run in, proved that Cena can defeat the tag-champs by himself! I hate this fact. I want to know that the tag-team champions together...as a unit can defeat the WORLD CHAMPION! The World Champion should easily beat the TAG Champs like that...it's lame. That means the tag-titles are not even worth defending or featuring, because they are weak. 2 wrestlers, who are champions can not beat 1? This is Hogan syndrome in 2007! That was lame.

Jeff Hardy vs. Kennedy was the highlight of the night for me. I didn't even mind the count out loss, the match had some great spots and Kennedy reacted so well and fought off Hardy's offense, until he was counted out. It was a cool match. I enjoyed it. The highlight of raw.

That and Santino tripping two divas! Now that was great!

Cena got an RKO! Wow...that really was a highlight. Who has Randy Orton defeated to get a title shot? Oh right..the new guy twice, and Dusty Rhodes. The cowbell match wasn't even that good...think about it...a shot to the head with the bell and it's over? Real great booking on that one. Randy Orton doesn't suck as bad as he used to, but he's definitely NOT deserving of a title shot at this point. What ever happened to the Intercontinental Champion's right to a title shot? I'd rather see Umaga face Cena again then to see another Randy Orton rest hold fest. Orton beats the legends, then he gets a title shot?

Heck..let me wrestle moolah,duggan, and the geriatrics and then strap the belt on me.

Raw stunk like I did yesterday. I showered...but Raw still smelled.

Also on Raw...Cody Rhodes loses again...if he costs Orton the title at Summerslam..a good feud can be made out of the rematch and ultimately a cage match or something to end the feud. But alas...WWE isn't that smart. There was a battle of the kings...divas match...commercials...and other random boredom.

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  1. Carlito sucks ass..He's a fucking Orton Jr. Dont feel too good buddy that you fucking beat Cena tonight..He would've had your fucking ass on a platter if it wasn't for that twit Orton..Carlito has no fucking respect whatsoever..and the dude needs to fucking shave his damn armpits..That shit is just flat out gross..Triple H should come back and take his sledgehammer to Carlito's head and put us all out of our freaking misery and rid the world of the waste of a sperm and egg known as Carlito!

  2. HEY MORON. You know that wrestling is fake, right? Carlito was SCRIPTED to beat Cena due to cheating. Haha. You think that wrestling is real. Fucking tard.

  3. Come on now, everyone has the right to an opinion...and i'm sure we don't believe it's all real, but we suspend belief for a reason.

    Chill man.



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