Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Pointless Diva Action

The diva's on ECW are horrible. They add nothing to the show, they just dance and aren't hot at all. Not only that, last night they come out with the MIZ and hype him as a ladies man.

There is only one ladies man in wrestling and that's the Ravishing One, Rick Rude (rip). The Miz is a horrible concept because he has no clear cut direction. Is he a wrestler? Is he a mc? Is he a reality tv star? Pick something and go with it and elevate the character to a tangible level. Otherwise, stop wasting time.

The diva's aren't hot on ECW. They are boring, as noted by the crowd reaction of dead stares and hot dog breaks, someone please send a memo to whoever is in charge of ECW.

The old ECW would have women, who weren't THAT hot, but they could throw down if need be, and added something to ECW, these women add nothing, not even eye candy. Nor do they do anything to help the Miz. Miz sucks, The ECW divas suck, and well...the whole show sucks if I see them on there again.

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