Monday, July 9, 2007

Konnan Shoots On TNA & So Does Sir Jorge


I'm back folks, from a weekend of frustration with my keyboard and stupid crap I see on television and the 6-0 BLOWOUT by MEXICO in the COPA AMERICA! I'm feeling great, and all 2 readers out there are going to like this post.

TNA has been known to treat their old timers like crap. Case in point: Konnan. Konnan recently spoke about things with tna on the radio!

Recently Konnan spoke up about the fact that TNA didn't really want to help with his kidney problems, nor help him out with his hip. Not only that, TNA refused to give him more money, all the while they were blowing half a million on Sting & Kurt Angle separately, not to mention Christian Cage's huge contract, and what's next?

Senshi, VKM, and others have asked for releases and aren't granted anything. Is this a surprise? Nope. I am not surprised that Samoa Joe also refused to sign a new deal.


TNA sucks. They are in a six sided ring which is completely stupid, the shows end in run in after run in, and the few good matches have involved The Fallen Angel, Somoa Joe, Senshi, and a handful of others.

Konnan is now broke. Not from mismanagement, but because of a load of medical bills.

What in the world is TNA thinking?

I have been a fan in the past, I liked Raven vs. Vampiro and a lot of other great matches in TNA but recently with all the gimmicks, and the random run ins, and stupid mocking and tribute of the Macho Man, I just can't watch. It's worth than seeing ECW look like crap with WWE.

Konnan is now going to AAA, and he's a top draw in Mexico still! He also has a booking roll alongside Vampiro, so there should be some good over there. As for TNA and the future? It's not looking good, because after all their years of trying to be the #2 promotion, they are still doing poorly in the ratings and losing fans like ME.

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