Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Animal Says NO To Job

Road Warrior Animal absolutely refused to do the job for TNA. That's why he wasn't pinned at a recent PPV show. This is sad news because it seems that all the old timers must job, they just must. Just look at how Randy Orton has been put over, how can TNA be a legitimate number two if a wrestler can dictate who they will job for and then cave in to their demands? This is ludicrous to me, I feel that Animal is NOT Stone Cold Steve Austin and he cannot just take his ball and go home. So TNA must really be desperate, because I would have much rather seen anyone else tag with Steiner and do the job. Heck, even Terry Funk would do the job, he does the job every year! It's funny to see the reactions, then see the guy lose. I don't know, I may be a little upset over nothing, but it makes me laugh.

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