Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Mark Henry To Be Crowned Champion

I sure hope this does not happen, but with Edge scheduled to make a huge announcement that will have him DROPPING the World Championship Title, rumors are swarming as to who is going to be taking the helm. Edge injured a pectoral muscle. (look above)

Names include Batista,,Matt Hardy,Rey Mysterio Jr, and dare I say...MIZARK HENRY! (I didn't misspell that)


I know MARK HENRY! MARK "I GET INJURED EVERY YEAR" HENRY is in the runnings for a world title run in WWE! This is the worst idea. I hope it's a complete lie. At least one source has listed him in the runnings.

I sure hope not. This is the worst idea that McMahon could ever follow through.

Mark Henry is slow, big, slow, and slow! He has 2 moves, maybe 3 tops. This is bad guys...and gals...(all 3 of you out there) this is really bad.

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